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This section is devoted to talk about Hair Color. Hair color is a popular salon service, but the  improper application of hair color can cause the hair to become dry/brittle and even break.  Many people practice the application hair color on their own hair at home and are not familiar with the different processes of color.  This section will go over a few hair color facts so that you will understand a little bit more about hair color.

Hair Color  Facts

  1. There are 3 different types of color: Temporary, Semi-Permanent & Permanent
  2. Temporary Color lasts only from shampoo to shampoo; which means when you shampoo your hair, the color will wash out.
  3. Semi-Permanent Color lasts for 6-8 shampoo’s and can be applied on the same day as a relaxer.
  4. Permanent Color is just like it says - Permanent and this type of color can only be applied 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after a relaxer service.  Permanent Color should NOT be performed on the same day of a relaxer service.
  5. When trying to achieve such colors as the red tones, it is best to have a double process color service done.  This means that the hair is pre-lightened first and then a semi-permanent or permanent color is used to deposit the red tone color into the hair.
  6. When using the pre-lightening process or when you are lightening your hair into the gold tones colors, Pre-Lighten your hair first with a low volume developer and then deposit your desired tone of gold/blond pigment. DO NOT USE BLEACH with a developer over 10 Volume unless you are visiting a professional for you service!  Using bleach on relaxed hair can1422537_10152005858079869_158522924_sm result in severe hair damage if it is not done by a professional.
  7. Bronze/Blonde Highlights can be achieved with Relaxed hair and the hair can maintain its health but a Professional with Color experienced is a must!!
  8. When receiving highlights on medium to long hair, the foiling technique should be used.  Do not pull medium or long hair through a highlighting cap it can cause hair breakage.
  9. A highlighting cap should be used when highlighting short hair only!
  10. If you have been wearing black color in your hair for a long period of time and want to go lighter or add the red or golden tones, please consult a professional. The requirement for removing black color from the hair to go lighter requires a special process.
  11. When using hair color to cover gray hair, it is best to use a Semi-permanent or Demi color on the hair.  Since gray hair is colored frequently, it is best to use a Semi-permanent OR Demi-color.  Using a permanent color over time can cause hair breakage.  If you wear a relaxer, it is best to color your gray on the same day as your relaxer service.

If you desire to receive professional Hair Color services that leave your hair healthy, contact NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic at 770-460-9245.

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