Many women are ditching the weave and joining the healthy hair movement to re-grow and make their hair healthy again.  To help them with this journey, many women have turned to hair vitamins to help them with this process! Hair Vitamins are great, however, there are so many hair vitamins on the market that women don’t really know what to look for in the ingredients to give them the best results! 

Let’s start with some facts, normal hair grows 1/2 inch per month, using hair vitamins can help accelerate this rate.  If you are looking for faster hair growth, most hair vitamins will help you with that, however if you have hair issues such as hair thinning, shedding, breakage and hair loss there are certain ingredients that you should look for in a hair vitamin! Hair Vitamins with ingredients such as Biotin, Follic Acid, Inositol, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africum & Choline are key ingredients to help with hair restoration as well as hair growth.

When making a decision on which hair vitamin you should take, first take into consideration what your hair needs are then compare ingredients between brands. If you just want to grow your hair, most any hair vitamin will do that but if you are experiencing issues such as hair thinning, breakage and hair loss you will need some natural DHT Blockers in your Hair Vitamins.

In our comparison of some top hair vitamin brands on the market, we found that NouriTress Hair Vitamins PLUS came in first place because it as more ingredients than most brands and includes all of the ingredients listed above that are needed for hair growth and hair restoration.  Hairfinity came in 2nd place and Nioxin in 3rd place.


  • Biotin: Is a part of the B Vitamin family that strengthens the hair, helps with hair growth and thickness.
  • Grape Seed: Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Loss! Studies by Japanese scientists have shown that Grape Seed Extracts possesses growth stimulation activity towards hair cells and lowers the amount of DHT in the hair follicles. DHT is one cause of hair loss!
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid plays an important role in hair growth. It renews the cells that aid the growth of hair. Folic acid deficiency can lead to premature graying and hair loss.
  • Inositol & Choline: Inositol and Choline are members of the B-Complex of Vitamins and contain several benefits to help hair loss & hair growth. Best when taken together, the benefits of Inositol & Choline are: Helps reduce DHT which causes hair loss - Increases the growth rate of new hair - Strengthens the hair strand as it grows - Prevents balding & hair loss by reducing androgens - Choline counter acts the effects of stress which causes hair loss!
  • Green Tea: Green Tea is a natural herb has several benefits that helps hair loss & hair growth. The benefits of Green Tea are: Helps reduce DHT which causes hair loss - acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps with hair growth - Helps release stress which causes hair loss - Strengthens roots & activates the hair follicles for hair re-growth - Helps destroy the bacterial and fungal parasites in the scalp!
  • Saw Palmetto: Is a natural herb which is popularly used to treat hair loss! Saw Palmetto prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT, thus blocks DHT! Once DHT is blocked, the follicles can begin to return to normal levels of hair growth again.
  • Pygeum Africum: Reduces the level of DHT in the scalp thus preventing hair loss. When combined with Saw Palmetto it seems to have a truly synergetic effect on the prevention of hair loss.

NouriTress Hair Vitamins PLUS is the only Hair Vitamin with all the key ingredients because their focus is Hair Restoration & Hair Growth!


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