Beauty Tips For Natural Hair

NouriTress-NaturalHairPresssmMany women have decided or are deciding whether or not to go natural.  The reason for this is that many women feel that after wearing a relaxer in their hair for years that the relaxer has made their hair weak or unhealthy.  Many people go natural because there is a myth that Natural hair is healthier than relaxed hair.   This myth is definitely untrue.  The truth is the many women who go natural are not prepared for the transition from relaxer to natural. The transition can be costly and frustrating thus causing women to wear weave or wear wigs while going through the transition.  When deciding whether to go natural there are several things to consider.  The first thing to consider is how you will mostly wear your hair, straight by thermal straightening or curly.  Next, determine how you will maintain your natural hair.  Maintaining natural hair requires more maintenance or just as much maintenance as relaxed hair.Natural hair requires a lot of moisture so it is important to receive hydrating conditioning treatments to keep the hair moisturized to prevent breakage. The most effective hydration treatment for natural hair is the Steam Conditioning treatment service.  This service averages about $15 - $25 at the salon but there are portable hair steaming units such as the NouriTress Portable Hair Steamer, that are designed to provide the hydrating conditioning treatments in the comfort of your own home. The next thing to consider is your own natural curl pattern. 


GarlandDavis-SmoothandNaturalsmIf your curl pattern is very tight and you will be wearing your hair straight most of the time, in my experience, the amount of heat needed to straighten your hair will eventually cause breakage to the hair.  My suggestion is that if your curl pattern if thick and tight, you may want to consider an Amino Acid Relaxer Free Straightening System or  a texturizer.  An Amino Acid Straightening System in a Formaldehyde Free treatment that is similar to a Keratin treatment that makes natural hair more manageable and allows the hair to stay straight longer.  This is a perfect treatment for kids and tweens. The cost of this treatment ranges from $175 - $250.  For more information, contact your hair stylist or click here for more information.

If you will be wearing your hair curly most of the time, it is very important that you look at how your own natural curl pattern will style.  There are many products on the market that are designed to enhance your natural curl pattern. Many women see styles that look like a woman’s own natural curl pattern but the curl pattern displayed has been designed with the help of rollers.

Now for you guys who are deciding to keep wearing a relaxer, this is ok too.  If you will continue to wear a relaxer, I do suggest that you don’t relax your hair until it is bone straight.  It is best to leave a little texture to your hair.  In salon talk, we call this “relaxing by degree”, which means that instead of relaxing your hair 100% which is bone straight, we recommend that your relax your hair between 50-70%.  Relaxing your hair using relaxing by degree is also called texturizing your hair. I like texturizing because it is healthier for the hair and when we use our hot tools such as our blow dryers and flat irons, the heat intensity of these tools are now very hot and will get the hair straight so there is no need to straighten your hair bone straight unless it is short and tapered on the sides and back.

If you want to wear your hair straight but don’t want to wear a chemical in your hair, you can just do a thermal press using a ceramic iron. This very popular technique a safe non chemical process that will allow you to wear your hair straight for a season but then gives you the flexibility to wear your hair in its natural curly state.

For best results with the Thermal Press Technique, I recommend you take the following steps:

  • Shampoo your hair with NouriTress’ HydraCleanse Hydrating Shampoo
  • Then apply NouriTress’ “STEAM IT” Super Moisturizing Conditioner to you hair and sit under the Hair Steamer for 10 minutes
  • Rinse the STEAM IT from your hair, then apply NouriTress’ NouriSilk Shine Serum to your wet hair
  • Blow dry your hair, then straighten with a Ceramic Iron

In conclusion, whether you decide to go natural or stay straight, it is important that you maintain your hair to keep it healthy because remember, hair was meant to be combed.

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